About Us


Founded in 1931 by Kunju Asan, who was more than a master baker a caring human. A compassionate professional he always tried to create happiness among ordinary people by making and sharing high quality baked food using organic ingredients often sourced from local community, employing local people.

Kunju Asan had his early training in European baking system in Colombo and Chennai. Hailing from a village in Trichur in Kerala he started his first venture "SAC Bakery" at Kanjirapally in Kottayam district mostly catering to European settlers and local people.

Kunju was a business person who took great care for exceeding the customer satisfaction. At that time he had started home delivery of cakes. A firm believer of "gift culture" he was proud to say that "I am the son of a man who always gave coconut water for any passer by asking for drinking water".

Current team of management consists of the members of Kunju family.


We believe in designing, manufacturing, and delivering food that is healthy, nourishing and delicious using organic ingredients, mostly local resources as per global standards.

We trust in continuous learning global trends in healthy baking and cooking systems that are life-nurturing. At every step we take care to blend love and compassion....in line with the core philosophy of our founder.

Kunju's Baking Academy

Our latest initiative is our dream project an online learning center.

Dream: A global community of home bakers celebrating their lives and those in their communities... using the art of baking.

Strategy: As the first step we are launching a 3-month online course in home baking to develop entrepreneurs in India.

Process: We are encouraging collaboration, compassion and empathy in a life-enriching climate.

Kunju Asan
Our source of inspiration, Kunju, who was more than a master baker, a caring human, who carefully mixed love with food. The unique JamRolls of Kanjirappally was his innovation using local fresh fruits, employing local villagers, baked in wood-fired oven, in traditional style.

Laurie Baker
World renowned architect, who dedicated his entire life to build livable, lovable and affordable homes, is the architect for the building which houses the Kochi outlet of Kunju's JamRolls. Baker used local materials and worked with local workers bringing a revolution in the world of nature-friendly architecture.